Need Help Recording to Audacity with 8 ch USB Mixer to Mixlr

Hi All,

I record a live radio show using Mixlr.

I have an Alesis Multimix USB 2.0 FX Mixer which allows for 8 channel recording. I use channels 1 & 2 for microphones. 5/6 are connected to an ipad for interviews/songs. That all works fine. I want to use the Mac because there’s a program Sound Bytes that allows me and my co-host to each remotely control a soundboard.

Therein lies the problem. Mixlr allows for a mic input (2 channels) another audio input which is 5/6.

Is there a way to actively add audio from the Mac to the mixer so I can monitor the soundboard?

I don’t know if I’m 100% clear. I can break it down more of needed.

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Use the Mac’s line out to go into the mixer?

But it’s not exactly clear. Fi “Sound Bytes” = soundboard?

I can’t find the program “Sound Bytes”. Do you have a link or a manufacturer’s name?