Need help please

Iam new to Audacity
Trying to record and edit my vocal on audacity, but Iam not sure what Iam doing wrong, as the vocals don’t sound good and there seems to be some disturbance.
After recording vocals, I use the following
1.Noise removal
4.High pass filter at 80
I would be most gratuful for advise and if somebody could listen to the unedited and edited sound and let me know how to get the vocals to sound great, many thanks in anticipation.

De-ess should be before reverb, e.g. …
1.High pass filter at 80
2.Noise removal

Too much “processing” (effects) can make voice recordings sound strange / not good.

Perhaps you could post a couple of short audio samples, about 6 seconds each, in WAV format, one of the raw recording, and one after you’ve applied the effects. (See:

Most grateful for your both inputs will post recording soon.
I will try the suggested way to edit as well.
Thanks once again

Hi Steve and Trebor
I have attached a Raw and Edited file
Please have a look and advise.

If it’s old Bollywood style you are aiming for, you need to add echo/delay*, then reverb.
With the Bollywood echo-verb effects, (which are extreme), you may need to AutoDuck to automatically reduce the effects when you are singing, so you can be understood.

[ * maybe even add overload-distortion for 100% authenticity ].

Many thanks Trebor
Iam jot aiming for bollywood style, frankly I don’t even know what it is!
Iam singing Nasheed in Arabic, just vocals only.