Need help on making skewed square waveforms with nyquist prompt

Hi, once again. I need help on making a skewed square waveform for my eows-612 siren tone generator. It’s basically consisted of reverb, 360 low frequency and 1040 high frequency, and a skewed lowpassed square waveform. It needs to move quickly between 360 and 1040 in the wind-up, and it needs to be in the Steady (Alert Tone) with the wind-down tone too. That’s what I only need for help. I’d be very appreciated if someone helps me.

Do you mean like this?

If so, then you can create a wave-table for use with OSC:

(defun wavetable ()
  (psetq t1 0.1
         t2 0.5
         t3 0.9
         t4 1.0)
  (control-srate-abs *sound-srate*
    (maketable (pwl t1 1 t2 1 t2 -1 t3 -1 t4 0))))

; Example usage:
(osc 69 1 (wavetable))

Great! Now, I need a full code. Can you provide me pls?

There’s a difference between “help” and “do it for me”. This forum is a place where Audacity users can help other Audacity users. Asking for help is the reason that this forum exists, but it’s unlikely that anyone will do it for you.

Huh… I guess I have to try by myself…

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