Need help on labeling , please help me.

Hi, in waveform is there any easy fast way to keep only labeled regions and remove all other portions from an audio track? like i have labeled all the important regions from a track, i wanna make result track with only those important parts. i know i can copy paste all those regions in a new blank track one by one but that takes too much time! Also 1 more thing how do i bring sync lock’s clock like icon on toolbar? currently i’m using latest version of audacity. but i only can turn on sync lock from track menu .

Assuming that you have one audio track, and the label track below it:

  1. Select the label track
  2. “Edit menu > Labeled Audio > Split Cut”
  3. “Tracks menu > Add New > Mono / Stereo Track” (mono or stereo to match the original track)
  4. Select the new track and “Edit menu > Paste”.

More info: Edit Menu: Labeled Audio - Audacity Manual

You can’t. It’s been removed permanently. However, if you use it a lot, you can create a keyboard shortcut to “Sync-Lock Tracks (On/Off)”.
See: Shortcuts Preferences - Audacity Manual

thank you very much .

thank you again. I don’t know if i doing properly or not, but after doing 4th step, on the new track I get all the important labeled parts but there’s huge gaps between parts equivalent to length of unwanted unlabeled parts in the source track, is there no way to not include those gaps cause removing gaps 1 by 1 also taking much longer time :frowning:

“no way to not…” :confused:

You can remove the gaps.

After step 4, you can delete the original track and the label track (click on the [X] in the top left corner of the track), then…

  • 5. Select the (new) audio track
  • 6. Use “Analyze menu > Label Sounds” to label the spaces between the sounds. For example, settings similar to this:

    Note that “Minimum silence duration” should be set to just a little less than the length of the shortest gap that you want to remove.
    See also: Label Sounds - Audacity Manual
  • 7. Select the label track
  • 8. “Edit menu > Labeled Audio > Delete”

Tyvm for helping. I’m just trying to delete unlabeled auido parts from source audio. I’ve tried to do those steps but still those gaps not being remove. is it cause my sync lock is on? I’m providing a video link which shows all the steps i’ve done. U can see its very very time consuming to drag important labeled parts of audio one by one to join them. I’m editing on 50-60m length audio files, taking like few seconds of important parts as labeled with like 5 to 10 minutes interval, so after “Edit menu > Labeled Audio > Split Cut”

Select the new track and “Edit menu > Paste” , its very very tedious and time consuming to join those very tiny labeled parts 1 by 1 which resides very long distance from each other. Please help.

You need to change these settings in “Label Sounds” (see the example that I posted previously)

Also, see this section about how to zoom in and out:
(I generally use “Ctrl + mouse wheel”, which is quick, flexible, and very easy).
Getting used to zooming in and out will make lots of things easier :wink: