Need help on editing

Below is a note today from ACX re my recent submission of a completed 36 chapter book:

The ACX Quality Assurance Team has reviewed your recently-completed audiobook, "Journey To Destiny (Tigers On The Road Book 1) ". We have found 1 issue that must be corrected before we are able to process your audiobook for retail sale.
Below, we have listed the requirements not met, the files affected, and our recommended solutions:
• Issue: Inconsistent spacing. Please revise and ensure all files contain the proper amount of space at the start (before narration begins) and at the end (after the last spoken word).
o Requirement: room tone at the beginning and end
o Solution: Please edit your files so they have the required room tone spacing. Each uploaded file must have between 0.5 and 1 second of at the beginning, and between 1 and 5 seconds of room tone at the end. Learn Editing and Spacing with Alex the Audio Scientist.

When I submitted these chapters, I included 5 secs of room tone at the beginning and another 10 seconds at the end (I thought i read somewhere to do that)

So can I go to each chapter’s Edit Master and merely delete 4 seconds from the beginning and 5 secs from the end then export as a new MP3 v2 file and then upload the new v2 file to ACX ( while obviously deleting the older ones).

Sounds simple … am I missing something??? Thanx for your help

Please don’t double-post.

Sorry … I thought perhaps the original subject title was such that it didn’t attract attention and thus the re-post