Need Help on advance vocal cleanup processing.

whats up guys. believe it or not im recording telepathic gang stalkers that use remote neural monitoring to be artificial telepathic. im not really trying to get into all of that. if you want to know about it i can post all my links just ask. what im trying to do is bring out the vocals more and get rid of the noise more. im good with the noise reduction feature as well as amplify and limiter techniques. i am open to advanced settings if you know some tricks. i can post some examples if necessary. its usually noisy and a lot of times they use voice changers. i know the people so i can tell who is talking even with the voice changers. ive figured out ways to lower the voice changers and bring out the real people and ive gotten decent at reducing the noise without taking away from the vocals. im using all kinds of devices to intercept the signal coming to me. mostly call record apps. i call myself with 2 phones and be quiet. cellular seems to intercept my signal better than most things. voice recorders and actual microphones work too but not as good. video cameras work fairly well. it is a microwave signal with an embedded frequency. if anyone knows better ways to record these microwave signals or better ways to process them it would be greatly appreciated. here is a current example of a recording after processing. ive got about 6,000 of these on soundcloud.

im working with a 6 yr old mac pro. i have some windows laptops. ive got a tascam interface and a condenser mic as well as sm57. i also have portable devices like iPads and phones. ive got some other random audio gear and devices that might be useful. any advice is appreciated.

I don’t know there’s any further tricks past what you’re already doing. The general rule requires you to be able to understand the words before processing. If you can’t, many of the tools stop working because they depend on detailed manipulation of the words. Noise Reduction in particular only works if you can sample a “dead” area between words. If there’s not enough conversation to do that accurately, that’s the end of Noise Reduction.

One of the go-to filters for terribly damaged voices is Effect > Equalizer > Telephone > OK. That strips off all the tones and interference higher and lower than you need to transmit voices. This is the 300Hz -3000Hz thing telephones figured out how to do sometime around 1935.

If you have the need to pitch-shift voices, do it before the telephone filter.


ok im gonna try that. thanks

that actually does help. thanks a lot. im gonna play around with that.