Need help - new user


I am a new user but need urgent help. Daughter has a performance soon and was trying to just create a karaoke version of the attached file. Tried to follow the steps from vocal removal and noise removal but it didn’t help.

Can someone help doing that and send it to me?

I am on Mac OS 10.6 and I had obtained .dmg installer.

Thanks and Regards

Tejas Shroff

How to do vocal removal is described here:
but please note the emphasis in the first (highlighted) paragraph:

This page describes techniques which on > some > stereo tracks > may > allow you to remove or isolate vocals (or other parts of a recording) from the rest.

The effectiveness of vocal removal techniques are highly dependent on the source material, and often it just does not work!
Fortunately, for many songs there is an inexpensive and effective alternative: search ebay/Google/Amazon for a karaoke version of the song. Often they are available for instant download for less than $1.