Need help modifying a voice (Sample Included)

Hello, I am creating a game and need help changing a voice to look like this:

Sound File

He’s saying “Why do you run, Child?”

I must record a normal voice and then modify it to sound like it. Can anyone help me please?

PS: It must sound almost identical to it, I know it varies from voice to voice, but if anyone also provide on how I can modify my voice to look darker, I’d be grateful


I’m sorry, but I can’t figure out how to download your sample.

“Save link as” results in “Download failed”. Clicking gives just a cryptic picture. Something wrong on my side?

Here is the file.


Layers of vocoder, echo/reverb and the hardest part might be making the base pitch transitions. Like C D F F, E. I guess you could do that with Generate > Tone, but that would produce steps in the progression.

How about make the base tones by humming into the microphone.

The process is like what Peter Frampton is doing.