Need Help Making An "Electronic Airhorn"

Hi, I’m trying to recreate this “airhorn” using the nyquist prompt.

I have tried alternating 200 & 300hz tones at 100hz, but it doesn’t sound right.
I know the base tone is a square wave.

How can I more accurately synthesize this?

A rough approximation:

(let ((osc  (osc-pulse 95 0))
      (osc2  (osc-pulse 198 0))
      (mod (sum 0.8 (mult 0.2  (lfo 8)))))
   (setf snd (mult osc osc2))
   (setf snd (clip snd 0.5))
   (lowpass2 snd 20000 0.1))

Upon inspecting the wave, It seems to be alternating between 700hz and 240hz.

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