Need Help in Recording audio

Iam new to recording
Iam usind a Xenyx 502 mixer, connected to a Behringer dynamic mic, through a Behringer audio interface.
Iam getting a lot of disturbance on the recording (its not the background noise heard in the first half of the clip I have posted), it is more so after I have processed the clip.
The first audio Record 1 is the original without any effects
The second audio Record 2, is after Compressing, Echo, Normalize, Bass boost, Treble Boost
Please I would be very grateful if somebody out there could let me know what Iam doing wrong.
Many Thanks

I’m not sure what you’re complaining about. The hiss sound in the first track will give you problems in post production. You should try to get rid of that before you start adding effects and filters. Trying to remove that much hiss in Effect > Noise Removal can cause very serious voice distortion.