need help in real time VST effects

I have read the FAQ in ref of real time VST effects. The problem is one of the programs I am using has poor documentation … Here is the list of programs I am using:

  1. Audacity - understand the manual
  2. VSTHost - understand the manual
  3. ASIO2KS - ASIO driver I am using
  4. Jack for Windows <— problem, I am having , is setting this up so Audacity and VSTHost can talk to each other. The read me file is some confusion to me…I am a mandolin picker not a programmer and last time I did command line was DOS 6.22 on a 8088 and 386 computers.

Any help will be welcome here…

Audacity does not support ASIO unless you build it yourself with ASIO support (
I’m not sure if Audacity currently supports Jack on Windows. I’m also not sure how Jack integrates with the Windows sound system. I know that one of the Audacity developers has been working on Jack support on Windows, but currently it may not work.

Release builds don’t.

Audacity supports JACK on Windows if Audacity is built with an appropriate patch and PortAudio is updated and patched as described on audacity-devel mailing list.