Need help in Editing a voice-over

Window 10 , Audacity 2.3.2
I am a beginner to audacity.Not being able to remove noise from below attached audio voice-over file even after using noise reduction,compressor, normalization.
Help to edit to get a clearer audio will be appreciated.

mp3 is a lossy compression format: mp3 is an approximation not an exact copy of the sound.
Making mp3 copy of an mp3 is like photocopy of a photocopy: there is generation loss.
There’s no way back from the messy Nth generation copy to the clear original: the damage is irreversible.

The moral of the story: do not use mp3.
Use an uncompressed format like WAV, or lossless compression like FLAC to maintain audio quality.

But the audacity recording itself had noise issues , even before exporting it to mp3 format …

Background noise is very common in home recordings. It’s the worst problem audiobook readers have.

Please record a 20 second voice test and post it on the forum.

Post it in WAV and do Not Process Anything. Raw performance.

Sometimes there’s a simple fix depending on what you have wrong. We can’t take filters or corrections out of a performance, so corrected sound doesn’t tell us anything.



The issues may be “enhancements” that Windows (not Audacity) is applying, (e.g. noise-reduction, echo-reduction).
Those Windows enhancements (in both recording & playback tabs) should be switched off,
see …

@kozikowski , The file is attached below .

Thank you for the sound sample. Your microphone is picking up interference from the house power system. The bad sound has a signature of 50Hz which is typical for a 50 Hz power country such as Britain or India.

This can be caused by a microphone with a broken shield, a connection cable with a break in the outer braid or a bad connection to a computer interface or preamplifier. Those are the common causes.

Audacity has a hum filter to help get rid of sounds like this, but the correction is not enough. There are also bad sounds that are changing pitch up and down and those sounds are permanent.

You should fix or replace the microphone system.


Thanks for the feedback , will try changing the mic.