need help improving an audio interview


I made an interview by phone with my mum and registered it (she was ok with this) because I have memory pb.
I made the recording with an android app. But the result is hawful.

Here in attach a small part of it. is there anything i can do on audacity to make the audio understandable?

thanks a lot for your help
maman 15 Nov 2022 test 1.aup (1.31 KB)

The “.aup” file you attached does not contain any audio.
Here’s a link to how to attach audio to posts in this forum …

Audacity can make audio louder & less noisy, but if you cannot understand what is being said odds are that processing in Audacity (or any software) will not make it comprehensible.

here my file in wav format

It is possible to make the voices more similar in loudness & frequency-content,

Envelope tool could be used to selectively raise the quiet phone voice, (maman?),
but the other person is so distorted they are incomprehensible IMO.

The voice-recovery seen on television programs like CSI is science-fiction: not possible in reality.

The voice-recovery seen on television programs like CSI is science-fiction: not possible in reality.

The recovery is Hollywood, but a conversation capture isn’t.

This is an Olympus TP-7 microphone. You jam it in your ear and park your phone on top of it. It picks up both sides of the conversation. I use it with a landline phone, but it works with a cellphone, too.

It’s a little tricky to plug it into the computer because of the battery connection. The second illustration shows the two to three connection adapter.

You can also use a TP-8 which starts out life with three connections. I have one, but haven’t tried it.

All that and I know you’ll have a hard time believing this, but the Olympus TP7 microphone will plug directly into a tiny Olympus WS-823 sound recorder.

I totally know I have a picture of that, but can’t find it. That one’s stupid-cool because you can walk up to any phone and record the call to perfect quality, multi-hour WAV files.


There is a caution. If you record on the computer, the recording has to be the only job the computer is doing. No fair trying to record a Zoom, Skype, Meeting, Chat or other performance on the same computer.

Zoom, Skype and most others will record a call for you on their servers if you ask nice. This recording thing came up quickly when the services got popular.


this is for recorder an interview isn’t it ?

my question was if it’s possible to transform my recorder in something much better
but if i well understood everybody my last interview is good to put in the trash because we can’t improved it with audacity ?

In my opinion, the sample that you posted is beyond repair by any means.

I’d say no, it is not possible to make meaningful improvements to that audio sample. You will need to start over.

Your recorder seems better. What did you do exactly (If you speak french we can communicate in french as i’m french)

OK, thanks a lot for your help any way.

I will do again the same interview with my mum with an other device or via whatsapp maybe it’s possible with it

There’s no recovery for that posted presentation. Even the Hollywood cheat of getting actors to say the words in a studio wouldn’t work because some of the words are missing. That was the last possibility.

If you decide to use a service or App, use one that produces recordings on a server or system other than your computer. As I posted, both Zoom and Skype (last I checked) would record the conversation for you and present you with finished sound files.

You almost always have to have two “things” to record conversations. Your computer and the Zoom servers, a phone and a recording computer, Cellphone and a separate sound recorder. Trying to do everything on one computer (or one cellphone), which seems like a good idea, almost never works.

There is a side issue as well. Recording private conversations is actually illegal in some countries. That’s why calling tech support always has that message: “This call may be recorded for quality control or training purposes”