need help. I'm a beginner

hello I am brand new to audacity and getting some old tapes onto my computer. I am trying a test song that I want to get onto youtube but I am having some difficulty. I got the song onto my computer (mac laptop) and its in iTunes. however its still a .wav file and not an mp3 and i think that could be my problem. i can’t upload it to youtube. I am very bad at computers. Any help would be greatly appreciated


This is going to sound more complex than it actually is. We are going to change iTunes a little so it will produce an MP3 for you. After it does, click on the MP3 and pull it onto the desktop or wherever your YouTube Export system is.

iTunes > Preferences > General > When a CD… > Export Settings.
Import Using [MP3]
Settings: Quality — Probably 128 is good. That’s what Audacity uses for its default.

OK > OK.

Back in iTunes. Control-Click on the music > Create MP3 Version (It’s in that long list somewhere).

Did I lose you anywhere? I’m surprised YouTube will not let you upload a WAV and just convert it to something else without telling you. That’s how it used to work.


thank you koz. before i saw your reply i actually found an article on wikihow and i converted the song to mp3 but i still can’t upload it to youtube. i guess this is more of a youtube issue now more than an audacity question. i still don’t know why i can’t upload to youtube I’m having the same problem as when it was a wav file.

thank you koz i did that. i go into video editor to upload on youtube and i get the screen where i can insert a picture and it says drag audio here and i do that and it goes to a full screen black mode with just the song on it and i can’t get past that. the screen won’t let me hit enter or accept or anything and thats where I’m stuck

the screen won’t let me hit enter or accept or anything and thats where I’m stuck

You got me. I’ve never posted anything on YouTube although I do have an account.
Post back when you figure out out. This is a forum for exchange of ideas, not a help desk.


Once in the library you open the file in Itunes then right click on the album shown in the display window; about halfway down the long list is “create MP3 version”. :smiley:

Are audio-only files allowed on YouTube ?, the ones I’ve seen have to have some sort of video, even a static image … :sunglasses:

If you are trying to share audio files try SoundCloud , it’s the audio-equivalent of YouTube.

[ Update : apparently you can upload audio to YouTube … ]