Need help I'm a begginer

Need help. I have a movie. It is sync till half an hour. I tried to find out what the problem is and finally found out what it is. the video is having some extra scenes that’s what the problem. I need to shift the audio little bit to match the audio. the problem is if I shift that audio that place will be empty. I need to add audio to that place witout doing any damage to original audio.
I hope you understand.

When the grownups have to fill a hole like that, they borrow sound from another part of the movie. If it’s a street scene, they’ll find car and street noise from earlier or later and put that in instead. If you’re careful about matching visuals with the noises, nobody has to know.

If there’s spoken dialog, that’s enormously difficult or impossible. Somebody with a similar voice in a quiet room has to record the words and you have to dub them in so they match the lips – along with background sound. That’s called ADR or looping and it’s not easy.


It is flight scene so no problem with that. what I really want is, the video is matching with audio for half an and it is going out of sync because of some extra scenes which is running around 3 mins. It seems If I drag the audio little bit forward, both audio and video will be matched. I’m pretty sure in that. what I want is, is it possible to add a sound to that 3 mins which are flight scene?. And I need to drag the audio to match with video, is it possible?

You’re asking a video editing question. Audacity does not edit video, only audio. Most video editors will allow you to insert, delete and move the audio track. Consult your video editing software manual for details.

I’m not going to do any editing positions with video. I’m only trying to edit the audio and that all. And audacity is the best and easy to handle. Ok I’ll tell you more clearly. I need to drag that second half audio bit (3 mins) forward. If I drag it that scenes will be muted. I need to add beep sound there.
Q 1 How to drag audio forward
q 2 How to add beep sound

Simple :smiley:

Drag with the time shift tool:
Generate a beep with “Generate menu > Tone”.

More information about handling audio tracks and clips in Audacity:

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