Need help hearing a voice on a recording

Hi guys I have a audio recording from an Iphone. Issue is there is a lot of background noise.
I can live with the rustle of the handbag but I need to be able to hear the other person speaking as well as myself.
His voice is quiet I need to be able to hear at least 5 minutes of the recording.
Any help suggestion gratefully accepted.

Voice Memo and Music Memo don’t record both sides. They only record you and the echo cancellation errors and distortion. So even if we could rescue the far-side voice, it wouldn’t be worth much.

There is a soft processing rule. If you can’t hear understandable voice now, nothing we can do will help.


If these are both real-life people, there’s a trick to it. Depending on your phone, the “performance” microphone is on the back (consult your instructions). Nobody will think twice about you holding a phone in one hand while you talk to someone. People hold them everywhere. See: stories of them getting them dropped in the loo (toilet).

Make sure the back of the phone is up. Make it look casual, like you weren’t paying attention.

If the partner voice is low enough (from inside a handbag, for example), the system will think it’s just noise and try to cancel or “clean it up.”

That’s what you have. Bag noises will just make it worse. The system will normalize around the shuffling noises.


Thanks I had it pointing upwards can hear my voice clearly the childs clearly screaming but the ex son who is abusing me in a low voice a heard bits and pieces and lots of bag noise.