Need help getting a plugin to work

Hey guys! I downloaded an effect called ANWIDA Soft DX Reverb Light. I put the application extension in the Plugins folder, but for some reason it still doesn’t show up on the effects list. I’m pretty new and I’m not sure if there’s something extra I have to do? I’ve restarted the program (and my computer) to no avail. Any advice?

Please, tell us your version of Audacity (all three numbers) and Windows (see the pink panel at the top of the page).

If you are using Audacity 2.1.1, use Effect > Manage… then select ANWIDA, click Enable then OK. In 2.1.2 that menu item is called Effect > Add / Remove Plug-ins. See


Hey there! My version is 2.1.1 and for whatever reason, ANWIDA isn’t showing up in the manage window. I looked through every plugin in there and it’s nowhere to be found.

Any idea why?

It appears as “L1V” …
'ANWIDA Soft DX Reverb Light' = 'L1V'.png

It will appear as “ANWIDA” (the name of the DLL file) in Plug-in Manager until enabled.

After it has been enabled, its name in the Effect Menu and in Plug-in Manager will be “L1V” (the name embedded in the plugin). Audacity cannot determine the name of the plugin until it scans it by enabling it.