Need help for recording a song for girls footballteam🙏

I have The melody separated from the original song and now I just need to record my song “live” at the computer while the melody plays at the same time…. But when I am trying to do so, it just erases some of the melody and put in my singing😬

I am using a little help with the vocal too from the program, because I ain’t a singer unfortunately :sweat_smile:

Then I have tried to record the song separately and just plug it in, but then it doesn’t match the melody, and I can’t move the singing part a little so it matches :roll_eyes: can anyone help me out here and maybe guide me through how it’s done please?:grin::pray:

By the way the song and everything is in danish, for my 8 year olds soccer team.

Windows noise-reduction “audio enhancement” will permit microphone speech, but will block music & singing. Need to turn off recording & playback enhancements for musical performances.

There is a simple free autotune plugin called SpotOn which works in Audcaity3 on Windows.

Drag’n’drop instrumental stereo track to new empty project. Create a new mono track (Tracks → Add New → Mono Track). Choose Audio Setup → Recording Channels → 1 (Mono) Recording Channel. Place the cursor on the mono track at the desired location and press Record button.

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