Need help for record dictionary to Android phone

hello everybody
i use windows 7 64x
using audacity-win-2.0.5
downloaded from here
dont understand 3rd question
i am newbie on Android developing i am making my eng-rus dictionary it has about 400 words
i myself pronounce eng-rus words i never before used audio programms
dictionary.apk dont use internet so all database will be included on apk
it means must not have big value
i choosed 4 variants mp3, ogg, wma, wav and wma looks like has smallest value
now another question come for me what kind of rate, bit, channel do i have to use?
again say i don’t know anything about audio
if one word takes 10kb and long sentence takes 20kb approximately
400 words take all maybe 6 mgb i think so dont know exactly
i recorded some words from my laptop microphone
recorded normally i think at least
my question is please help me on my problems
while record my voice
1-to choose rate, bit, channel
2-and value must be small
3-which variants are from them good for Android( mp3, ogg, wma, wav )?
and i want to use audacity-win-2.0.5 for my works
thanks very much

This is the Audacity help forum. We are happy to help as far as we are able with your questions about Audacity, but we are unable to help with questions about Android.

I presume that you want mono recordings, in which case, set the number of channels in the device toolbar to “1 (mono)”.

In “Edit menu > Preferences > Quality” you can set the sample rate that you require.
I guess that you will probably want a fairly low sample rate such as 11025 Hz, but I know nothing about Android devices so that is just a guess.
I would recommend that you leave the default sample format at “32 bit float”. This format is recommended for editing and processing the audio. The format will be changed when you export the final audio file.

Information about exporting in various formats can be found here:

Thanks i will try to do
what you say