Need help for cleaning a record


I am student in sociology and I realized an interview a little time ago for a project. This one lasts almost 3heures and was realized in a quiet room(part,play), noiselessly outside with a microphone of average quality. I had realized a test before beginning the interview with this microphone and the result was not catastrophic, we got along well the voices. Unfortunately, after these 3heures of interview when I listened to the recording, the voice of my interlocutor is covered by a whistling and the voices are deformed…
I am a little discouraged because I have few chances to be able to restart this interview, and I absolutely have to retranscribe it to the paper in a little of timeweather. I tried tutos posted on YouTube to eliminate the background noises, the whistlings but the result is not absolutely good, I cant nicely hear what its saying in 3/4 of the interview…

I put you the link of the file which I stored on a site, because it shall help me a lot if an expert on this forum could return the file an audible minimum
I’m on windows 8 beta, and I downloaded the latest vesion of audacity.

Thank you for your intended.

.AUP files are “part” of an Audacity Project. They do not contain any audio.
Please see these links for how to send files that we can play:

Noise reduction works best when you have a low-level background noise. When the noise is bad, the software can’t separate the background from the foreground and there is often very little you can do. …If the noise is bad, the cure can be worse than the disease".

If the whistle is a constant single-frequency (constant pitch), you might be able to filter it out (or reduce it) with a notch filter, but you’ll need to find the frequency. Of, if there is a bit of audio where the whistle is the only sound/noise, you may be able to use the whistle as your “noise fingerprint” (noise profile), and use the Noise Reduction “effect”.

… in a little of timeweather.

What is timeweather? …If you don’t have much time, It’s best if you just get started transcribing instead of spending time trying to improve the recording.