need help "error -9996"

I want to record audio from the device, so when I set my recording device to the speaker and play record button error -9996 showing. I don’t know what to do. anyone can help me?

Which version of Audacity?
What were you trying to do when the error occurred?

What are your settings in the Device Toolbar?

Check that your sound card is set to a sample rate of 44100 in both the Recording and Playback tabs of the Windows sound control panel. (Microsoft have made this quite difficult, but this page may help: Windows: accessing the Windows Sound controls - Audacity Manual)

I just deleted and download it again from the main site so I think it is the latest version. I want to record audio from a chrome browser so I need a speaker as a recording device but it is showing errors for two days. before it was running fine. I tried to record from stereo but the quality of the sound is not good. the audio host is windows WASPEI. recording channel - mono and playback device is speaker.

the audio host is windows WASPEI, Recording device - stereo for now because speaker one is showing an error. recording channel - mono and playback device is the speaker. I almost tried all other options in the device setting like changing host, recording device, etc. but speaker recording is showing an error.

Also, if you are recording what is playing, turn OFF overdubbing AND turn OFF Software Playthrough in Edit > Preferences > Recording.

Thank for the suggestion but it is already off. the error keeps repeating and I almost tried everything. don’t know what to do next.