need help editing and adding audio

Hi, I recorded a podcast last night on audacity, and after recording and listening back, some type of error occurred multiple times during the recording and skipped some of the recording. This has never happened before, so Im not sure what went wrong. So, I dont want to have to re-record the whole podcast again, I would just like to go in and add new recording to into the track in the missing places. Please advise if this can be done and if so how to do it.

Thank you

Make sure you’re in Audacity 2.1.0. Earlier versions don’t have all the newer tools.

Select a point just before the fluff and press record. Audacity should create a whole new track and start recording in it. You can adjust the fit in post production.

DO NOT edit your only copy of the show. Export as WAV (Microsoft) even with the mistakes and keep that backup copy somewhere safe. You can convert the work to MP3 for posting, but it’s rough to edit MP3. Do all production in WAV or Projects and convert to MP3 when you’re ready.

Once you start active editing, you should become good at other tools like the Zoom tools, scroll wheel panning and it’s probably a good idea to turn off Auto Update. That’s the setting that can slide your view out from under you, usually at the worst time.

Audacity > Edit > Preferences > Tracks > [_] Update… (de-select)

You’ll probably want to turn that back on when you record. It’s handy to keep track of your loudness in the show.

type of error occurred multiple times during the recording and skipped some of the recording.

That can happen when your computer is filling up or busy doing something else. Restart the machine and don’t launch any other applications. Shut down the network/internet. Check out your hard drive and make sure it has very generous space left.

It a very common problem in video. “My machine started skipping and I didn’t do anything.” Yes, you did. You’re filling it up.

If you’re in XP, check the health of the drive and defrag. You should not be in XP.

Offload some of your work to a separate backup drive.