need help determaning channels - SOLVED

Hello all,

First post,I need help figuring out why why when I save my file it says it will make the file stereo. I was recording in stereo, had stereo tracks added and want to save in stereo. Why is it asking this when the stream i record and channels I added are stereo? The stream is Sirus Xm. Have recorded for years and never had Audacity ask this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Somehow you’ve got the warning(s) turned on

Use Edit > Preferences and choose the Warnings tab - turn off any warnings you don’t want.



While I guess I can turn off the notification, my more pressing question is if I add stereo tracks is my original feed not? Like is it Mono or multichannel some how or is that irrelevant if i add stereo tracks.

Thanks for the help.

If you have just mono tracks to export (or selected and using Export Selected) the resultabt exported file will be mono.

If you have any stereo tracks present in the mix the the resultant file will be stereo.

Update: more accuracy, here is what it says in the Manual

The new mixed track will be stereo unless the tracks you mixed were mono tracks panned to center.

And note that the mono files will be mixed into both stereo channels.

I, personally, prefer to keep those warnings turned on so I know what is about to be exported.


And I don’t think that the Manual is totally clear on this (I had to do some testing to find out what happens) so I’ll be updating the alpha Manual for the upcoming 2.3.3 release to make this clearer.

Note too, that if you are working with just mono tracks just a small nudge on any of the Pan sliders in a Track Control Panel will effectively turn your mono project into a stereo project !


Awesome, thank you so much for the informative responses ! I thought something had changed, but could not figure out what it was, and really, thankfully, nothing did change, just the notifications.

I appreciate the quick answers. Now I can continue the work I started over the weekend.

Please mark as solved.

Robert M.