Need help cleaning up sound

I recently used Audacity to remove the background music from a clip and keep the dialogue. Then I used windows movie maker to add different background music. It actually worked pretty well, except now there’s this awful high-pitched squeaking sound when they speak. I was able to remove some of it with the equalization function, but not all. Is there something else I might try with Audacity? My pc runs Windows 7 and I’m using Audacity 2.0.5. I don’t think noise removal will work without also removing sound that I want to keep.

At what step did the squealing happen?
You should post some of the show on the forum, or point to it if it’s already on-line somewhere.


Please tell me you have all the original clips and tracks that you made the show with and didn’t make the newbie mistake of stepping on and destroying the old work with the new.


If when you exported the movie from MovieMaker you chose a high compression ratio (which would give the smallest file size) it may introduce “squeaky” compression artifacts to the soundtrack. Such artifacts cannot be fixed by audacity or any other software : it’s a do-over with a lower compression-ratio, (i.e. use higher “kbps” setting when exporting from MovieMaker).

Ok, I tried resaving it using a higher kbps ratio and posted the clip on my youtube channel: I plan to make an edited copy of the entire movie, but only for personal use, not to distribute, so hopefully there’s no copyright issue. Besides, I’m in this scene, though you can’t really make me out - I was a kid in one of the choirs singing below the christmas tree. The reason I edited the music is I remember that we were singing ‘Oh Holy Night’, not ‘Lo, How a Rose’, (which was what was on the audio track originally). I know I must seem obsessive-compulsive. Btw I do still have the original audio track. So is there any more I can do about that squeakiness which you can still hear a couple places when they speak?

The intermittent fault isn’t compression artifacts : they would be constant when anyone spoke on the recording , not intermittent.

If the audio on the original video also squeaky in places then I don’t think this problem fixable in Audacity.

It sounds like the kind of faults caused by a malfunctioning codec : you can download different codec [packs] which are used by MovieMaker to create (code) and play (decode) video. IIRC you have to un-install old codecs before you replace them with new ones otherwise MovieMaker gets confused.