Need help at aligning two sounds files

Hello Audacity-Community,

for a software project i want to align a sound file from the Google Translate Web-Api (Example:
to an existing sound file from the Augment Reality Game Ingress (

I tried to align sound files with Audacity for hours and still haven’t found good settings to manage it.
Here is a zip-File including all sound files i used: Download

The worried.mp3 and msg.mp3 are the raw ones - the files ending by _2.ogg are the “should be”-files.
I would be very grateful if one of you can help me by doin’ it… I’ve lost my hope doin’ it by myself.

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The “raw” MP3s are slower (and so longer) than the “target” Ogg files/
You can use the “Change Tempo” effect to speed up the “raw” recordings.

incoming message: Change Tempo 37.8 %
I was getting worried: Change Temp 43 %

To work out the necessary tempo change, trim off silence at the beginning / end of the sample, then look at the length of the “target” sound. Select the “raw” sound (without leading / trailing silence) and open the Change Tempo effect. Enter the target length and the effect will automatically work out the necessary percentage change.

This is the result with one voice on the left and one on the right:

That’s great! Thanks a lot for those tips! :slight_smile:

Do you know a way to adjust the sound files more to each other?
Is there a way to increase the quality of the mp3 to let it sound like the ogg’s?

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You can never re-encode a file and make it better. Even if for example an MP3 sounded “dull” and you boosted the high frequencies in Effect > Equalization…, as soon as you encode it in a lossy format like MP3 or OGG, more of the quality is lost (and MP3 in particular would discard some of the higher frequencies you added). The higher bit rate you use to encode, the less quality you lose.

The best you can do is re-encode in a lossless format like WAV, which means no quality is lost, but if you re-encode MP3 as WAV it will become much larger.