Need guidance on removing noise

hello guys,

new here, running Audacity 2.1.2 on Mac OS 10.10

Trying to reduce noise on this sound track:

The noise i’m referring to starts at 2.5 seconds, we can then see spikes, if we zoom in they are more like saw tooth shapes,

I tried many effects, incl noise reduction, by getting noise profile, but nothing great came out,

just wanted to know if it’s feasible to remove such noise, and if so, in which direction should i experiment,

the recording is from a magnetic field sensor placed on a AC motor phase cable,


Noise Reduction is designed for steady background noises such as minor hum or microphone hiss. It doesn’t do so well with sporadic noises such as popping or clicking, if for no other good reason, it’s impossible to get a sample.

Noise Reduction works by being exposed to a clean sample of the sound. You let it “sniff” the noise. Then like a good bloodhound, you turn it loose on the show and it goes charging down chewing on the noise leaving the show alone. Constantly changing noises mess up the sample step.

Please note that if you can’t get a clean sample, that’s deadly, too. If the noise is constantly combined with other sounds, you’re dead.

You might find some of the vinyl click and pop tools valuable.


If you want that type of noise it’s available on Freesound …

Getting a clean sample is a must. i usually have pretty good results if there is a second or two of the noise i want to remove at the beginning or end of a track. Highlight just the noise and get sample then can remove by running noise reduction at highest settings when only noise is selected/highlighted. only use highest settings when noise only is selected. you should be left with silence in place of the noise. for the full track, select the entire track and run noise reduction again, this time change settings to 12, 6, 3 as seen in image attached. works best for steady noise that is throughout recording such as fans, hum, buzz, etc. for full track method you still need a good sample of just the noise prior to running.

thanks a lot guys,

i had tried the noise reduction before but i did not set the parameters at max on first pass,

i will give it a try

thanks all

Remember that settings at max only works if you are selecting areas of noise only and have good sample profile that is noise only. Will ideally result in silence.