Need good Mic Processor: Symetrix 528e or Equiv?

Hi All, We’re streaming a radio station on the net and someone just loaned us an old Symetrix 528e Mic processor. Did wonders for our DJ’s vocals. I need to return it soon, so I wanted to inquire if there was a better or more cost effective box out there. Also, are there places to buy good used gear at fair prices other than eBay. I know on ebay people often get bidding fever and drive the price way too high.


You’re probably going to be stuck with a hardware solution. Audacity won’t do anything in real time except capture and play back. No shortage of people who want Audacity to apply filters while it’s recording. Sorry.

You might want to read through this.

I helped bring a producer up from amateur answering machine sound to pro gaming announcer voice over the course of many days of messing around using pretty much his existing hardware. Only at the very end did I put an Audacity filter in there to give the announcer a little more firmness and bass. Lot of good ideas in that thread.