Need editing help!

windows 10
Audacity 2.3.0

Hello Guys! How r ya’ll?
Anyways I just need help right now. I am recording an original song and I am just starting, I first recorded the guitar part. As I tried to quality the sound, I get to a point where I wanted to chop or edit parts for intro, verse, chorus, so on so forth…
Now I am just on the intro part. As you can see on the first picture I split parts on the original recording, and copied it below.
So there’s a box on a first sequence of the chord rythm.
I copied and pasted it below. There’s a sequence for the second part of the rythm. I copied and pasted it just after the first cut.
Now the third cut, the one I highlighted, Is where I am having a problem…
Well basically the first 2 boxes are just as it is as is follows the original pattern so there was no problem with that since they are just the same as the original.
But the third cut of what I am trying to quality, is copied and pasted from the very first cut. This is the part that I highlightened.
So the third cut is not the original pattern of my recording, it’s copied from the first part of the recording or the first cut of what I’m trying to quality.
I also added an audio sample of my problem.
If you’re going to listen to it, you will hear a subtle click, or pop, or whatever you call it, but you will hear it…
If you will see the 2nd and 3rd picture I tried to maximize what it looks like for you coz maybe it could be much easier for you to help me with it…

So far what I did, and what I noticed, as I tried to edit parts like this thing before, i noticed that somehow the frequency line must be like in order or like harmonize… for some other record i am successful at totally removing the click sound when i try to quality the sound and edit parts, but this song it’s pretty challenging. So what I was doing to try to remove the click or pop sound is to cut some frequency lines to make it look like in order or harmonize like if a frequency is up, it should be harmoniously going down in order, it must not like the frequency is up, then next line is down. It must be harmoniously in order or decending or acending.

I did tried to make it look like in order for this guitar part, I tried cutting to edit, I tried the drawing dot, but I gotta tell you I dont really totally understand it and how can I make this clicking pop removed totally.

Any help or assistance will be highly appreciated.

Thank you.
audacity question.png

repair alone could be sufficient to fix the click.

But I split, time-shifted, then repaired …

split, time-shift, then repair.gif

For smoother cuts-and-splices there are a couple of “tricks” -

Cut on the [u]zero-crossings[/u], or make a [u]crossfade[/u] (fade-in, fade-out, and overlap). The crossfade can be very short (a few milliseconds) so you don’t notice it, but you still get a smooth “splice”.

The musical-timing can be tricky and it will usually take some trial-and-error to get right.

FYI - Most “traditional music” isn’t chopped-up that way. Usually, they record the song all the way through (multiple times) and often the different parts/instruments are recorded at separate times. If the whole band is recorded at once, it’s usually multi-tracked so the individual voices & instruments can be adjusted/edited/processed separately, and certain instruments or vocals can be re-recorded separately.

But, it is common to “comp” (compile) parts from different takes to splice-together the best overall performance.

And, hip-hop & pop often DOES use “samples” and “loops” spliced & mixed together. [u]FL Studio[/u] was originally “Fruity Loops” and it was originally designed for splicing together samples & loops. (I assume it still has features to make that easy.)

If you’re planning on doing lots of this, consider getting a [u]DAW[/u] (Digital Audio Workstation application). A DAW is a LOT more complicated than a simple audio editor like Audacity, but it’s also a LOT more powerful for music production. ([u]Cakewalk[/u] is now FREE.)

The main feature I’m thinking of is that you can record “on the grid” (usually to a click-track) where the software shows the beats & measures. instead of just the regular time-line.

A DAW also makes it easier to mix (and record) multi-track, and it will support MIDI so you can put-together a complete MIDI back-up band or even an orchestra.


Thank you so much for the two of you for helping me a lot to figure this out.
Trebor and DVDdoug. Thanks a lot. I know now how to use repair. And thank you also for the technique on fade in fade out. These three tools are helpful for me, the repair, fade in and fade out.
Thanks for your suggestion DVDdoug. I downloaded the Cakewalk, maybe in the future I’ll explore to that but right now, I really do want to get the hang of using audacity.