need delay setting explanation

I need to setup Delay following the instruction:
• Delay: 135ms, 0% feedback, 30% wet

When open Delay under Effect I have options:

Delay type:
Delay level per echo (db):
Delay time (seconds):
Pitch change effect:
Pitch change per echo:
Number of echoes:
Allow duration to change:

From those options the only thing I can obviously enter is Delay Time.
What option I have to select for required: Feedback and Wet


Those are not Audacity instructions are they? What are those instructions? Where do they come from? What are you trying to do?

The “Delay” effect shipped with Audacity is not a “feedback delay” so you will need to modify the instructions.
The settings that you probably need are:

Delay type: regular
Delay level per echo (db): -3.52
Delay time (seconds): 0.135
Pitch change effect: (not used)
Pitch change per echo: 0.0
Number of echoes: 1
Allow duration to change: Yes

You may need to adjust the “Delay level per echo (db)” because it is not completely clear what “30% wet” will be for the feedback delay that the instructions are referring to.


this is for sax track adjustment. Found on sax blog. The person not mention what soft he uses.

Saxophone mix recipes
Start here for a warm, ambient sax sound
• Delay: 135ms, 0% feedback, 30% wet
• EQ Band 1: +2dB at 800Hz
• EQ Band 2: +1dB at 2.5kHz
Start here for a hot, immediate sax sound
• Delay: 90ms, 0% feedback, 15% wet
• EQ Band 1: -2dB at 1.2kHz
• EQ Band 2: +4dB at 2.7kHz

Thanks for the quick reply. Will try your suggesiton.

“0% feedback” means that you want “1” echo.
“Delay time” is the same. 1 second = 1000 ms, so for 90 ms you need to set the Audacity effect to 0.09 seconds.
“% Wet” is how “strong” the echo is. For a stronger echo in the Audacity effect, move the “Delay level per echo (db)” to the right - for a weaker echo, move the slider to the left.