Need Audio Software With Cut List

Audio software recommendations to meet the requirements below:

I have loads of parts within an audio file that need deleting and there are too many to do after the recording, the parts that I want to delete must be marked whilst I’m playing the file back. As the slider moves across the audio stream during playback I want to be able to select multiple start and end points (which should be stored in a cut slection list) to be excluded when I save a new copy of that audio stream.

I have an example of how this is done with my video editing software in the link below, but I need one for audio. As you can see there is a button to select the start time and another for the end time, then I press another button to add this to the cut list and from there I am free to add other start and stop times to the cut list. Once I’ve finished each start and stop time it pauses briefly, but the index marking is being done when the stream is being played and the editing is done after playback is stopped or finished.

AFAIK the best you can get with Audacity is to set markers at the edit points while you are playing or recording - use CTRL+M.

The “markers” are actually Audacity labels - and you can type into the label field when recording or playing (at least in 1.3 you can - can’t remember if this works in 1.2). I use this when playing back FM radio shows that I have recoirded to identify the start and end points of songs that I want to isolate and extract from the show.

You could also try exporting the labels/markers you created in that process with File>Export Labels - but this will not give you fully what you are asking for …


I think that is about as close as Audacity gets.

You can add markers as waxcylinder described to mark the start and end times of the bits that you don’t want, then use “Edit menu > Labelled regions > Split”. this will split the track into sections at the label marker positions (the label track must be selected for this to work). You can then double click on a section to select it and press the DEL key to delete it.