Need advice to equalize 2 audios with different acoustic


I need to mix 2 audio files together to make it sound/feel like it’s 1 single track and especially without feeling there’s a “cut”.
The problem is that the 2 files, altough being the same music, have a very different tone. It has been most probably recorded that way at the origin.

-File 1 is a rip from a 7’’ vinyl and is 24 bits, 192Khz (I know it’s more than useless such level, but I got it that way and it doesn’t really matter here).
-File 2 is an extended version of the same music from a 12’’ vinyl and is 16 bits, 44,1Khz.
File 1 to me as a more or less perfect sound. File 2 seems more sharp. But the overall tone is very different to my ears.
I tried to remove sharpness, add bass, gain, etc. I tried the equalization panel but nothing that I do seems to work properly.

On the sample attached (I had to convert it as 320 MP3, the file was too big otherwise), file 1 is the first 7 seconds. File 2 starts after (the 2 are not precisely cut, they overlap during +/- an half second).

If anybody can give me advice on how to make file 2 sound a bit more like file 1…

Thanks in advance.

Matching the equalization helps …

But alone is not sufficient for a perfect match: the dynamic-range & (consequently) the stereo-image are different

Hello. Thank you.
How do you get this graphic, it seems extremely complex…
Can you export and post these settings?

An approximation could suffice: say a dozen points …


Attached …
T2(EQ).XML (26.8 KB)

I tried to import the xml settings but it only accept .txt files in the Filter Curve pannel.
I did it manually. Seems better. But still not perfect.

Here is an update.
I reworked the whole thing and re-arranged the doifferent parts.
I redid the Filter Curve effect to match your graphic better than the first time.
Here is the full track:
However you can still clrearly hear where are the different parts. With the spectrogram it’s even more obvious.
That Dynamic Range, can we arrange it to match better?

Downgrading the best parts to match the poorer parts is possible.
IMO upgrading the poor parts to match the best is not possible:
the original stereo-image information has been lost via dynamic-range-compression.

There is a free plugin called Gmulti which allows individual control of the compression & stereo-width of the low, medium, & high frequencies … GVST - GMulti
(32-bit version for Audacity in Windows, not 64-bit, even if your OS is 64-bit).

Is this my MP3 export that made the dynamic-range-compression? Or was it on the original recording?
I can post the full FLAC uncompressed version (but as it was in 192Khz it will be quite big) if needed.

Dynamic-range-compression & mp3 file-size compression are completely different things.

At some point, (I can’t tell when), dynamic-range-compression has been applied.
The giveaway sign is the height of most of the peaks is the same. The envelope is essentially flat.

Thank you very much for the help!
I finished the piece and posted it here, FYI: