Need advice on saved file format

I am digitizing my LP’s (around 6000). At the moment I am recording them and saving them as 32 bit float wav format. The file sizes so far have been between 800MB–1.1GB in size. Is there maybe another format I should be saving them in that will maintain the sound quality and at the same time reduce the file size? Having to upload my LP’s to the cloud is going to take forever. At the moment I am uploading to Crashplan for safe keeping because I have unlimited storage but because of the size of the files it will take me some time to upload all of them.

Thanks for the help and advice!!

Try exporting as FLAC.

Thanks! When I export to FLAC, which FLAC settings should I use?

The default settings should be fine.

When I export the files, should I use Export Multiple option selecting FLAC or should I use the chain option selecting Export to FLAC? I never used the Edit Chains option before.

If you want to split the albums into individual tracks, see here:

You may also find this work-flow tutorial useful: