Need Advice for small programming project

Hi all,

I recently was able to get Audacity built and running in VC++ 2008 and now I’m looking to start a small project. I need some advice on the best approach or what you might think the best bet is. I’m an electrical engineer guy so coding and I aren’t the best of friends. I’ll explain the idea…

I’m designing an audio booth to quickly capture ~5 minutes of audio at about 16 kHz and quickly assign a RID that can be read in via a barcode scanner (like the ones at any convenience store). After the audio has been recorded I would like to export the file as a .wav with the RID being the title. We’ll be recording a ton of audio at the Twins Day Event in Twinsville, Ohio and I would like to make a GUI that will make this as streamline as possible.

I visualize a Audacity Plug-in that can be ran and brings up a small GUI that can read in the RID barcode, has a record button and a stop/export button that can push the .wav to a directory and then deletes the track from audacity when done. After that it should basically loop back to a new track with the new RID.

I am unsure where to start. In our lab, our GUIs that control our cameras are built using C# but didn’t think that would do for Audacity. We’d like to make it the same across the board but time is more of an issue. I’ve also looked at scripting and that seems almost ideal for the situation. I think that is about it for now.

Thanks for the advice it is much appreciated.

The problem is none of the developers or programmers are on the forum.

You can’t do that with an ordinary plug-in effect.
I think your best bet would be to use mod-script-pipe: