Need advice about using noise reduction

I’m looking for someone to advise on hands-off automatic noise reduction where there are lots of short files each needing its own profile. I have some audio and coding background but am new to Audacity. Happy to pay reasonable fees.


Bo Gehring

You may join a list of people who want to automate Noise Reduction. Audacity can’t “know” what noise is and the Profile step resists automatic execution. You can’t easily have software that removes “everything I don’t want” which is basically what you want.

That’s not to say you can’t have Automatic Noise Reduction. Cellphones do it all the time, but most Audacity users would never confuse Cellphone Voice with proper theatrical performance.

Cellphones do it by sensing any sound constant and present for a set amount of time. Few people ever got a musical performance or singing past a cell call.

Someone will correct me, but I believe that’s the party line.

There was one technique advanced a while back which is brittle, but does work. Audacity will remember a Profile until you turn Audacity off. So assuming all your clips have the same background noise, you only have to do the Profile accurately once, apply Reduction multiple times, and never turn Audacity off.


There is a Feature Request to be able to save and manage a Profile directly. That seems a gift from the angels, but probably not because The Real World changes from day to day. All that ability would really do is create tons of forum posts about failed reduction.

I can even predict what the forum response would be. We could copy/past it.

“Get a new Profile.”


Some noise reduction plugin$ have “dynamic noise profiles”, a/k/a “adaptive mode”,
where they automatically obtain a noise-profile several times a second.
e.g. AconDigital DeNoise which works* in Audacity on Windows.

( IIRC the demo try-before-you-buy version is not crippled or time-limited but inserts spoiler silence ).

Now the bad news: AconDigital DeNoise is only sold as part of a bundle ($uite) of plug-ins.

[ ***** Currently only 32-bit plug-ins work in Audacity on Windows ].

Thanks Koz and Trebor,

I reached out to AconDigital- we will see. I’ll post if anything happens. I did some further testing with Audacity and was pleasantly surprised by the results. But it isn’t practical to profile each file and I’m not comfortable with the one-profile-for-many method.

All best,


The usual form is to download the demo version of the plugin(s) and try-before-you-buy,
(customer-support to non-customers is probably non-existent).

There is a slight problem with AconDigital DeNoise2 in Audacity: to hear the noise only (“solo noise”) it is necessary to stop then restart the playback, (this is true of other VST plugins in Audacity, but AconDigital DeNoise1 did not have that problem).

AconDigital DeNoise2.gif

I’m posting this in case it may be useful. I took a close look at izotope RX7 with the following observation: it offers a so-called batch function which looks cool running but shares the same shortcoming as Audacity macro. It records a profile from the first file only and then uses that for all the rest. And doesn’t tell you. I plan to test the trial version of acon acousica (standalone app is okay for me, or maybe the Audacity plugin) but fear it will have the same shortcoming. One thing I though of is that the exe in my project could very well find the profile (I have a way to do that) and hand it off to Audacity’s NR macro perhaps as a separate file. Make any sense?