need a suggestion for track editing

my first question on the forum.
I am using Audacity 2, powerful pc, Lexicon Lambda, Beringer mixer with Yamaha effect.

What will be the right technique in the scenario below for fixing the errors on a recorded track.

Let’s say I import MP3 file with a playback on Track 1. Then I record Alto Sax on Track 2.
Now I want to fix couple of errors from Second 15 to 20 and from Second 40 to 55.
Please suggest the options for acheiving this goal (split, duplicate…) in plain English :slight_smile:


Our first plain English, knee-jerk reaction to the question is not do production in MP3. The way Audacity handles MP3 imports results in damage if you try to make another MP3 from your finished show. MP3 damage is cumulative.

I’m not the heaving editing elf, so we need to wait for others. Koz

Can you give us an idea of what you’re trying to correct? Sour notes? Misplaced embouchure? Sometimes describing the task can make the response clearer. There’s nothing like an overly fuzzy answer because we can’t tell what you’re doing.

thanks for such a quick reply and the info about using mp3 as a playback.
Most of the playbacks I use are in mp3. I use them for live shows and it sounds without any noticeable flaws. After your quick point about MP3 I will try to recreate my playbacks from midi I may have and will save them to wav. I am using old Roland XV5050 module for playing MIDI and now have new YAMAHA E433 that may be worth to try. But it is the other story…

About what I am trying to fix… let’s say the phrase in improvisation, part of the track or couple of notes.

For now I am using my old condenser SAXMIC SX-1(from year 1994 Holland).
I can put some money toward better Studio mike but first I would like to learn recording technique and some mastering stuff. I don’t think that I can become a recording engineer :slight_smile:.
But in my case I have to mix just two tracks (this task is not comparable to mixing and mastering a band recordings) and apply the effects in a way that it will make a recording lifeful.

Anyway I am excited with the beginning and have much more fun with a freedom of recording in my home “studio” :slight_smile:. Funny, that the idea to start my own, came after a 4 hours session with a good guy. But I didn’t like the result. I did with him a CD couple of years ago. This time I want to try by myself. No rush for a new disk. I just want to have fun and learn something new. And if I will not be able to do something useful I will go again to the Studio.