Need a programmer

I need to hire a programmer to design a very simple user interface with Audacity open source software.

I would like a simple mixer interface that combined 20 predetermined “beat tracks” of 5 min each in a loop
with an mp3 spoken track. The interface would have a beats per min slide bar for the “beat tracks” and a slide
bar for the % volume that the “beat tracks” would be mixed with the spoken mp3.

I would like to have a very simple interface to take spoken mp3 (like podcasts or church sermons) and mix a “beat track”
to keep a beat while I jog or exercise and listen to the spoken word.

thanks Jticks

Audacity doesn’t yet support marking audio in beats (as opposed to time formats like minutes and seconds). Is that what you are going to pay a developer to do? There are a number of requests for such features.

You can do that now. Try Generate > Click Track or download a beat sample from the internet and import it into Audacity. Then import the MP3. Use the -…+ gain sliders to left of the tracks to adjust the strength of each in the mix. Then File > Export and choose “MP3 files”. To export as MP3 you need the LAME encoder.


thanks for the reply… I just want a simple interface. No editing or other functions. A built in beat track, and spoken track to mix.
THe beat track would have a volume and bpm slide. the spoken track would have a volume slide. The interface would have a file window
that would be preloaded with 5-10, 60 min beat tracks. The spoken mp3’s could be dragged and dropped there.
really don’t need or want all the mixing bells and whisltes.

I am not literate in writing code or developing skins or even what language to use. I just want a super easy basic interface.
thanks for suggestions-JP

As Audacity does not have real time looping, or real time time-stretch it would probably be easier (and less expensive) to develop this type of application from scratch rather than trying to adapt Audacity for the job.

thanks Steve can you direct me to someone who can do this? thanks
jpag2 at gmaildotcom.