NB: Given Aud. projec files from concert, need to open them.

I was producing a concert last night at a venue I’ve never used. The guy recorded it to audacity 2.x. I am very familiar with many other packages but have never used Audacity, though I’m sure it’s a great package. I don’t intend to ever use it as I use other packages, but need to export these music files to something else. So I need to open the project. I seem to be having some problems with doing this, and I think there must be something I’m missing here. I apologize for not reading the manuals or doing an extensive search on this forum, but I really only need to do this once, and then I’m back to my old software.

I downloaded and installed 2.0.3 on my Macbook Pro running 10.8.3
I copied all this folders with no changes to my external RAID.
I opened Audacity (no problems doing that).
Tried opening his aup project file but it errors out saying: “Project check of “Foo_data”” folder detected 6553 missing audio data (.au) files…" and a lot more.

There is a Foo_data folder, and it does contain the data for the project. I can see the files, and if I open one of them, it is a short bit of the overall recording.
the Foo_data folder sits at the same level as the Foo_project file. So in my feeble brain Audacity should be able to see that the data folder is sitting there next to it, and open it and read the files.

What am I doing wrong here?

I don’t think that we can fix this without going into detail about how Audacity manages projects - You appear to have a “broken” project - we can either try to help you fix it, or you can ask the guy that recorded it to give you another copy of the project (that isn’t broken). I’d go for option 2 first :wink:

I agree with Steve that the project is somehow broken. What is the “lot more” that you refer to?

– Bill

Thanks. I’ll try asking him first, given your replies. What I meant by " a lot more" was that it was a standard dialogue box that had more info than that, but didn’t seem totally relevent enough to type it all out. More if he can’t figure it out. Thanks folks.

Thanks. So the “lot more” was the options on how to proceed. I was concerned you got more errors.
– Bill