navigating the wave

I’m looking for a way to “scroll” through the audio wave so I can see the whole recording, without having to “select” a section.

Also, my initial recording inputs are coming in way too loud, although my input scrollbar is very very low. BTW, Im trying to record audio cassetes to my dell laptop through a Behringer UCA 202.


Audacity 2.0
Dell Laptop
Windows 7

Press Ctrl+F to “Zoom to Fit”. This will allow you to see then entire recording at once. Is that what you want?

Or are you overlooking the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the Audacity window? Or not being aware of the Zoom In button in the Edit Toolbar?

i am aware of the zoom in button, but i think the zoom to fit might get me closer. However if I have an hour long recording I’d like to be able to move along the wave back or forward. I’ll try the zoom to fit first. Thanks

There are several different ways to zoom:
My preference is to use Ctrl + mouse scroll wheel.