Native Windows x64 build

I’ve succeeded in getting the current beta (need to verify currency and maybe update my sources though) to build as a native x64 application using Visual Studio 2008 SP1, Unicode flavor.

The changes required were minimal (other than establishing the new platform target in solution files), the most intrusive being changing some of the inline assembler coding into standard C/C++ code since the x64 MS compiler does not “do” inline assembler.

The last piece I have to get running is an x64 build of the LAME DLL so that I can export to MP3 files, I have the DLL built properly (AFAICS) but there is a dynamic lib hookup in Audacity that I haven’t finished diagnosing yet - no I’m not asking for help on that, I can do that as time allows, no problem.

What I would like to know, and I really should read more of the document files in the source distribution so apologies if I’ve missed something here that is obvious, is whether there are any specific regression tests so that I can more easily verify that I haven’t broken anything.

I’m NOT an Audio whizz, I’m more of coder-whizz, so while I can do simple tests (like FLAC → MP3 conversion and minor file editing, to make phone ringtones was my spur to get this all done after all) I doubt I would hear some subtle problems in output files that may be glaringly obvious to others.

I will be able to post the builds on the www once I have LAME working, and have run ANY tests to make sure Audacity is basically okay (and of course I’ll be providing code delta / diffs at that time also).

I will only be able to test on Windows 7 myself, so it would be nice if once I post it could be tested by someone with XP x64 too.

I expect I’ll be able to post a build by early next week, at the latest, including my x64 builds of wxWidgets and LAME.

Thanks in advance for any info.

Thanks to Audacity team in general for the great work.

I can’t really answer your question about regression testing. I also built 64-bit version on MS Visual Studio 2008 a few days ago and like you had no problems with Audacity. Where I ran into a problem was grabbing the nightly source of wxWidgets and trying to use that with Audacity. Audacity is hardcoded to compile with wxWidgets 2.8 and the current version is 2.9.1. I had to dig my 2.8.10 of the recycle bin, set up my environmental variable, remove all the 2.9.1 .lib files from the various build directories of Audacity. Since building the 64-bit version of Audacity was just an experiment – more for fun than anything else I decided to wait until Audacity was ready to move to wxWidgets 2.9 before trying again.