Nasty Surprise - 32-Bit Float

Nasty Surprise - 32-Bit Float

I put clean 16 bit performance sound on three sound channels, one above the other.

Tracks > Mix > Mix and Render to a New Track.

The new track (#4) overloaded from the addition of the original three sounds. No problem. Audacity does all its work in 32-float which never overloads. Select Track Four, Effect > Amplify -6dB > Apply.

What I actually got was half-size clipping and overload damage. !!???!!

Let’s look at the Project Sample Rate in the lower left. Ummm. That display doesn’t seem to be there any more. !!???!!


Hi Koz.

you either have to go to Audio Settings prefs

or use the big Audio Setup button in the upper tooldock and select Audio Settings.


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