narrowing of how to get the very low and high Frequency

so have been getting a lot of frequency noise both low and high and random Beeps like sensors triggers . Im trying to find a way to document these in order to get more resources for these finding, at best narrow down the location .My dogs have been going crazy and my ears hurt along with nausea . Any tips ?

Any high-frequency sound in your vicinity which is audible to you will show up on a spectrogram

If you’re getting the noise & ear-pain & nausea at the same time, it could be a problem with your inner-ear,
e.g. …énière’s_disease

And if the dogs are going nuts, you could have ultra-sonic (very high pitch) sound. Audacity and a home microphone isn’t the best way to inspect problems like this. Most home systems stop working at the limits of human hearing (if they make it that far) and ultrasonic sound goes far above that.

Does somebody want you out of rent-controlled housing? Audacity can’t be used as law enforcement, legal action, or conflict resolution. It has no calibrations or certifications and no good way to get any, even if you did manage to get something to work.

There is one other possibility. A local big-box merchant has a very high-pitch screaming sound coming out of the ceiling music system. It’s one of those drilling teeth/baby screaming on a jet sounds and it’s most annoying, but only in one small part of the store (between aisles 25 and 26 and the elevators). Like one background music amplifier is in trouble. Nobody would be surprised if the pitch were higher, nobody could hear it but it would be very uncomfortable For No Apparent Reason.

Do you have something that could be making this sound? Music system? I had a refrigerator that died with sounds only dogs could hear.

Can you get a girl to hear it? Young girls have terrific hearing of all the human variations and they might be able to locate it.


It has taken me this long to answer because I had to move 2 times . Even replaced my devices . Also bought new everything in the place . Hell Even stayed at hotels . Ive think sometimes I’m going crazy but I actually went to a psych , with hopes that I was loosing my mind . I can’t believe im saying the psych said nope what ever is happening is not mental due to the side effects you experience . Thats not the way mental illnesses are .I went to 2 different otolaryngologist and I actually once again really wanted someone to say tinnitus and got that test but nope I have normal hearing . Here is where im baffled yes the dog goes crazy when by coincidence so am I .The devices I swear be joke around and say they are haunted . TVs turn themselves on but the phones are the worst . They either drain very FAST or don’t ask me how this is possible Charge themself .I turned off wifi and the breakers . I literally try all I can not to drive bc the beeps that have lately started emerging from the car are scary . In addition same thing battery has been replaced in it 4 times in 2 yrs and I don’t control my radio anymore. My Dr says im a very interesting person ,But Im tormented .I have called the cops several times due to a man that keeps hiding in between the cars and yard . Every time I start the call I hear a car horn he or she runs.If it wasn’t of my daughter pointing out the person I wouldn’t even have seen it. Also that my kids that also complain of these ((sound punches)) like my son calls it what has me very scared is how sick we are feeling when it happens .How random but controlled it is .I had one of those experts come and check it out .All we felt that day was pressure but no pitches while he did his survey .the resulting was low oxygen levels of only 20% .He couldn’t explain it either since windows were open .

You need a better psychiatrist: mental-illness can make sufferers see, hear & feel things which don’t exist.

That junior family-members provide corroboration isn’t proof it’s not a hallucination … Folie à deux - Wikipedia

Nor is the dog’s behavior corroboration: it could be responding to your behavior, (e.g. being startled), rather than sensing the same sound.

If you feel you are being tormented-by & spied-on by unknown persons, despite changing addresses, that is also consistent with mental-illness …

There are forms of epilepsy where the sufferer has auditory-hallucinations, nausea & psychosis.

[ BTW ~20% oxygen is the normal level … Atmosphere of Earth - Wikipedia ]

Hm I’m wondering how it’s possible that this is for sound but I can’t load an audio file captured during these events . So yes I did see a neurologist and no diagnosis of such was observed even had that nerve test done nope , MRI and EKG just in case I mean under assumption that I could have a heart attack or something like a stroke but nope . I was told and was tried for migraines with Rx but I did mention it wasn’t working . He insisted in looking into what triggers the symptoms.
My dog looking around and barking or whining at things I can’t see makes her feel distressed but ,Could be her reacting to me . My bird in my daughters room can’t be it reacting to me if I’m not even in it’s presence to begin with .There are times the dog isn’t in the home and the bird goes crazy During these events . I saw the oxygen of the referred site I don’t think it’s the same measurement that he refers to with the percentage. The guy was saying to open windows bc of the low levels of oxygen in the home . I only say that bc I mean low oxygen due to pressure makes us sleepy like when we are in an airplane . I think he meant in compare to the standard level inside the home it was lower. And for psych I didn’t just see 1 I saw 2 bc I want a say it’s me but it’s just not the problem here .

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So my point going back since it has been shifted to medical . Instead of audio . I’m thinking if it’s sonic would this software help identify it . Or aid in finding the frequency that’s causing it or maybe it’s a couple that combine creating the mess itself. I’m thinking of walking with laptop while running it live . Or analyzing some audio . I mean if there something off here could there be a way to side the audio with video that we see distortion to help confirm the moment

So I’m thinking of walking around while running the program live but how can we confirm itself it’s sonic

Audacity’s spectrogram-view can help rapidly identify at what point in time a sound occurs on a long recording, (say hours).

Very deep bassy sounds are difficult to record, but electronic bleeps as loud as a wristwatch in the same room as the microphone should be no problem …