Narration effect

I’m doing a commercial for my film class (and im the narrator), and i need an effect. The effect is the one from Mortal Kombat, where the announcer shouts: “Fatality!” and it sounds really cool. Well im looking for that effect. Is that something that can be done in audacity? Its sort of like the “L” effect.

Well anyways, thanks for the help!


The most important part is the “acting”. Try and say it like an actor would say it. The effect just adds icing to the cake.
For the icing, try this effect:

Is there a web page us non-gamers can go to hear this effect?

Sure, Here

Some of that sounds like natural acting voice and some of them maybe a pitch shift downward to make it sound unnatural, and then echo and reverb layer poured over everything. If you’re a natural tenor I don’t know that there’s anything we can do.

I wonder if you could do anything with the vocoder effect and two voices, one delayed.


Some of those have a bit-crush effect, e.g. the first one …

( try this “smooth decimator” plugin … )

Others have had the pitch shifted down, then reverb, e.g. …

[ I’d suggest “autotalent” plugin for the pitch shift as it has formant-correction option …]