Naming & alphabetizing Recorded songs in the cloud

I have about 500 45 records that I want to record through Audacity and save. Can someone walk me through the steps to record, save and send to the cloud. I want to be able to alphabetize the songs.

I don’t think “the cloud” matters. The details will depend on your particular cloud service.

Your player software can sort by album (1), artist, title, track number, year, genre, or almost any other metadata.

Speaking of metadata, Audacity doesn’t support embedded artwork. Normally that’s the album artwork but if you want to include a picture of the artist you’ll need to use something like Mp3Tag to add the artwork.

What kind of hardware do you have? What do you have to play records? What kind of connections do you have? Do you have “tape out” or “record out”?

Do you have a computer with a regular soundcard? Normally, you’ll use line-in (blue on a soundcard). With a laptop you usually only have microphone-in and headphone-out so you’ll need something else.

Or do you have a USB turntable?

In Audacity you “Export” to create a WAV or MP3, or other regular audio file. You only “Save” when you want to save an Audacity project, which you probably won’t need.

Tutorial - Digitizing LPs, tapes or MiniDiscs

As you may know, 45’s had notoriously bad sound quality. Depending on your budget, you may want to buy MP3s from Amazon if they have them, or maybe just download your favorites. Or listen for free on Spotify…

(1) Even if I don’t have the album, sometimes I’ll include the album that the song was originally released on (if there was one) or sometimes I’ll write “single” in the album field.

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