Naming a track (alternative to built-in function)

One thing that drives me crazy is being forced to name tracks using the built-in function. It is far too small, both in font and field size. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get around this? Not knowing what a track is really slows down my momentum and nine tiny characters is not nearly enough space to describe nor quickly read a track.

I thought about using the labeling function but a label track cannot be tied to a particular track. Argh! :angry:

I am using Windows 10.

There’s an option in Preferences to display the track name as an overlay that looks like this:
Look for the option “Show audio track name as overlay:” here:

Thank you! You have made my day! Followup question: is there a way to change the color from yellow to another color? I favor green or blue.

The colour is not currently customizable, but blue would not be a good choice when zoomed in vertically, as illustrated here:

Good point. :wink:

I recall when the “name overlay” feature was added, there were long discussions about what colour the text should be. Taking all the possible “backgrounds” to the text (selected or not selected, blue waveform, grey background and Spectrogram view, yellow was about the only colour that was readable in every situation.

As the colour scheme in Audacity becomes more customizable, I expect that this will also become customizable, but that will be in the future.

Well, yellow is the best color. That’s why it’s the best color used as subtitles in film.