Naming a project, and adding tracks

It has been some time sense I’ve worked with Audacity… I am in the process of ripping my recorded CDs that I made using Audacity some years back… I had problems with separating the individual songs that I recorded and now have everything run together on each CD.

I need further assistance in naming a recording project such as the Album name as in Country Classic, and then adding the individual songs as tracks. I have trouble understanding which is which, or how to do that… The recording are from all my old LP records and or Reel to Reel tapes… I want to put them in albums on Audacity that will play the individual songs on my MP3 player, or computer, without having to start over each time from the beginning as I have to do now with the old CDs I made.

Can anybody please help me understand what steps I need to take to accomplish these projects… I will be a few days before I’ve ripped the CDs to WAV form on my computer playlist/Library. I have read several of the comments and suggestions, but am still confused as to what steps I need to follow, and in which order…

The entire process is broken down into a series of tutorials here: