Naming a file based on id3 tags

Being that the mission of Audacity is great audio capabilities, I’d also be interested in a way to name my exported files based on the id3 tags and use replacement variables to set the order I prefer. Perhaps there could be a toggle to display the tag editor dialog first then at the bottom, a file name field that will save the file based on the tags entered. I make hundreds of vinyl to digital transfers and would like the file names to be easier to generate. I’d also consider writing an Audacity plug-in in the future that could do that and perhaps even better integrate file naming and tags with say, Discogs metadata.

Given that vinyl does not have id3 tags, how is this related to naming a file based on id3 tags?

Have an option to save a file recorded in Audacity, based on the tags. This is a rough idea, but something like this:


It looks like [u]MP3Tag[/u] can do that. [u]Convert → Tag - Filename[/u].

I’ve never used that feature but I generally use MP3Tag for tagging. You can select all files in a folder at once to enter the common information before/after entering the song title & track number (etc.), and you can add album art.

I make hundreds of vinyl to digital transfers

:stuck_out_tongue: There’s plenty of time to play around with metadata when you’re recording vinyl! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I’ve used that and also Tag&Rename. Both do a great job tagging, but just to be a bit lazier, I was hoping that I could do the file naming step in Audacity.