Name correction

Hi, New to audacity and I am using 2.3.0 A presenter used the wrong name of a church. I got him to state the correct name so that I could Overlay(?) the correction. :stuck_out_tongue: Can you give me a clue on the approach to removing the incorrect name with the correct name. I have the correct name in as separate file that I imported to a second track within the project. Thank you very much for your help.

One way is …
select the wrong name, then use split delete to remove it.
Use time shift to align the new name on a second track, then cross fade the start & end to hide the join.
Then mix & render.

If the correct name wasn’t recorded at the same time, (same mic, same location, same everything),
it’s going to be next-to-impossible to produce a version where people won’t spot the edit.
replace name.gif

I agree that it’s probably going to sound “spliced-in” if you have to re-record it. Does he/she use the correct name elsewhere in the presentation?

So it might be better to edit-out the name, and perhaps a few other words or a full sentence or more. If you re-join the audio with (short) cross-fades you can usually get a natural-sounding result that doesn’t loose much context. And even if you can hear the edit, other people may not notice it.

I just wanted to thank both Trebor and DVDDoug for their replies. I got sidetracked and wanted at least acknowledge receipt of your information. I’ll be to have more questions. Regards, italgen