Name change

I understand the reluctance to call 1.3.x “stable”, so how about changing it from “1.3 (beta)” to “1.3 (better)” ?

Actually it’s only here on the Forum that 1.2 is still labelled “Stable” that was dropped a while back on the Adacity site down load page - see:

It is noticeable on that download page that the 1.3 Beta is now the “recommended” version for may moderin operating platforms. It is a great pity that the Beta labelling of 1.3 puts many users off installing it.

On my machines (runnning Windows XP-PRO-SP3 and XP-HE-SP3) 1.3.12 is a far superior release to 1.2.6 - more stable and much improved functionality.

+1 for removing the “(Stable)” labelling of 1.2.x here on the Forum.


1.3.x good enough ?

1.2 should be the stable version and labelled so
until some 1.3.x actually is stable

beta is a valid warning flag
why remove that if it really is a beta version ?
not fair to users to fool them that way

users want a stable version
not to play with the latest house of cards

instead of going for the grand 2.0 version so fast
it might be better to slow down and make a 1.4 rock solid version
make that the stable release until 2.0 comes out

developers can play a lot between 1.4 and 2.0
and users dont have to be the guinea pigs during that time

The problem is that 1.2 is actually not stable on many modern platforms - it doesn’t even work at all on some modern platforms.

It’s now over two years since the last 1.2 was released - and it still has bugs, none of which will ever be fixed.

1.3.12 is actually a pretty workable release - yes it does have a few bugs, but not enough to stop me (and many others) from using it as my full-time full-on day-to-day production version of Audacity. Where it lets me down occasionally is in timer recording overruns - but 1.3.13 Alpha does that too- and 1.2 never had that feature at all. 1.3.12 is probably the best ever Audacity to date.


Why not? Microsoft does that all the time :smiley:

but joking apart, on most modern computers, Audacity 1.3.12 is more stable than Audacity 1.2.6
and on many Mac computers, 1.2.6 will not work at all.

I use Audacity 1.3.12 extensively at work and it is very stable and far more usable for my job than the 1.2 version. On the rare occasions that I venture back onto Audacity 1.2.6, my opinion is confirmed that it is well over retirement age. As waxcylinder wrote, I totally agree - in my opinion the “stable” word should be removed from the titles in the 1.2.x forums.