Name and performer together in iTunes

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Yesterday, I exported a wav and filled in name and performer for that song. In iTunes, name and performer were together in the first field, name of the song.

I don’t do this very often, so I have no idea if it was correct before 2.1.2.

Where did you fill in name and performer? iTunes does not understand or display metadata in WAV files, as far as I know.


Could be the name and artist was extracted from the file name.

I filled in the fields when exporting. The file format was already set to wav.

Now that I tried again, there’s no offer to enter anything. This was with a new project and import from .mp4

Yesterday, the offer was there - maybe because the project had already been used for a lot of different imports, some exports, tracks added, tracks removed, but not saved as a project?


More than likely, given iTunes does not read metadata in WAV files. iTunes reads metadata in AIFF files.

If you are talking about entering metadata in the Metadata Tags Editor, that is turned on or off for the export step in Import / Export Preferences.

If you are talking about entering the file name, the name of the first file imported into a project window should be offered as file name in the export dialogue.


That’s what I’m talking about. It was the usual metadata tags editor window that showed. I was in a hurry, so I didn’t really take notice and considered it a new feature in 2.1.2.

When I wanted to test today, it didn’t show.

If the Import / Export Preference to show Metadata Tags Editor is not working, quit Audacity, delete audacity.cfg and try again. Deleting audacity.cfg should make the Tags Editor show up at the export step.

Note that if you are using (external program) command-line export, Metadata Tags Editor does not show up because you have to enter metadata into the command string.

If you think there is a bug here please start a new topic and give step by step instructions to reproduce the problem.


I don’t know if there’s a bug there. In which circumstances should the meta data editor appear?

I tried searching the manual, but couldn’t find it :cry:

As it says in the first green box on

By default, Metadata Editor appears for each exported file after choosing the file format in the Export Audio or Export Multiple dialogs.

In other words, the editor should appear for all exports except when choosing (external program) as the save as type, and except when exporting using a Chain, unless you have deliberately unchecked “Show Metadata Tags editor prior to export step” in Import / Export Preferences.


Thx Gale. Sorry for wasting your time on this. I just got confused with how things work. You kow I’m good at that :smiley: