N-Path Filter

Has anyone got an “N-Path” filter made in Nyquist?
I have an interest in making one, but it would be grand if someone has crossed those boundaries already.
~ Dalagar

Not that I know of.
Other than making one as a programming exercise, there really wouldn’t be much point as there are much better and easier ways to band-pass filter audio frequencies. (It could be quite fun to do as an exercise :ugeek: )

Yes Steve it is of “Fun Value”,
But what interests me about it is that it filters a Fundamental and all Harmonics up to a point.
And that point can be determined by the complexity of the “N” in the “N-path”.
Even some forms of simplicity of design can select to only “see” odd harmonics.
Doing that with a fixed bandwith for all harmonics…

It is of interest to me is the removal of an instrument from a song…
With the possible replacement of that instrument with another, or even a voice.
Take a song… Remove the Bass guitar and replace it with a Baritone Sax.
Or the replacement of a drum with something else interesting.

The thing that seemingly needs to be done to make this work is to make a Table to use as one uses in the (osc command.
Still gotta learn that trick.
So many fun things to learn.

If this is for “switching”, then you could use OSC-PULSE.

That is very on-point.
I might need to soften the square edges of the windowing function with a hanning or hamming window to avoid aliasing.
But that is a great place to start out.
~ Dalagar